Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's here!

Schools are closing and a few confirmed cases in Milwaukee. Tips on keeping it from spreading are to wash your hands frequently, cover your mouth when you cough. If you do not feel well and have flu like symptoms, stay home from work and keep your children home from school if they too have the symptoms. Click above to learn more!!


It happened just as I predicted.....except for the Adam part last night!!!!!!!!!! Whoa, what was that about America?? The more I thought about it I figured we all think Adam is safe because of his extreme talent, and that not as many of us voted for him. At least the right man was sent home...they are all very talented, but I thought it was Matt's turn. What about Natalie Cole's performance? Boy, not good......Jamie Foxx now - he is talented!! Click above for more!!

What a thing to have to admit - my Dad was a killer!

She says she cannot hide the truth about her father anymore! Deborah Perez said her Dad was the Zodiac Killer and that she, as a 7 year old, tagged along with her father when the killings happened. He said he was sick and she just wanted to help her Dad. Click above to read more!

Top Sexiest People??

People magazine's Sexiest people issue will hit newsstands on Friday and includes on the cover Christina Applegate on the cover and even the first lady and George Clooney ladies :) Click above to see who else is in it!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

America's Best Restroom!!

It's the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, TN - click above to see photo's!!

The Swine Flu is Spreading!!

This just in as well - Swine Flu in Minnesota!! Man, this flu is making it's mark and now there has been a death in Texas and cases in Chicago that has closed a school. We have to be careful. Click on the following link for answers to your swine flu questions:

Rat Pack Danny!!! He is my IDOL!

Wow, it was a mixture of excitement last night - very cool to have Jamie Foxx on as the mentor...he was a hoot!! My pick to go home would be Matt, but I just have never been a fan. Chris is so darn cute and Allison showed up as well....of course, Adam, well, he put on quite a show as well!! Who is your pick to finally be done??
Click above for more Idol gossip and tune in tonight at 8pm on Fox!

It's been 100 Days...

It has been a point in every new Presidents term that is recognized and reviewed since FDR. How is Obama doing?? Well, according to some, he has done more than any other President...what is your opinion? He will have a news conference tonight that will be shown on most major networks but you can learn more by clicking above!

Getting "Chucked" off the show!

Dang - he was fun to watch Monday night....they are a great pair with that added spark of a relationship, but Chuck is done dancing :( I really thought Melissa would have been sent home after the score she received...oh well, more dancing next week!! Click above for the wrap up of last nights elimination show!

Talk about making a switch!!

This amazing me in many ways....but what stands out the most is that he switched from Republican to Democrat because he is afraid that he could not win the next election against a conservative....he is 79!!! Retire already!!! I know it's next year, but man, enjoy retirement!! The scary part is if Al Franken wins MN in our lifetime :) the Senate would be filibuster-proof. Click above to learn more.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The World Health Organization has risen the threat.

Let's hope things get under control soon. You can track where the cases are by clicking on the following link! Also, more details available by clicking on the title above.

Dancing with the Stars last night.

I actually got to watch most of the dancers!! Melissa could not dance, so their scores were low as they had to go by the last rehearsal they had on tape. Ty impressed me, he sure has grown, but my favorite was Gilles, oh and Chuck!!! Click above to learn more!

Oooo, tonight it is Rat Pack Standards on American Idol!

It ought to be a night full of good, classic standards tonight on American Idol as the contestants take on the Rat Pack style!! Tune in tonight at 7pm on Fox. I did see Anoop performing on Ellen yesterday, so he is staying busy since he has been sent home...who will go home this week?? My pick is Matt...boy, then it will get tough!!

It was frightening to see as it brought back memories.

Poor New York City!! The went into a temporary state of high alert as a jet and 2 F-16's flew over the city. It was all for a photo op?! Supposedly local authorities had no idea what was going on - forcing high-rise buildings in Manhatten and across the river in Jersey City, New Jersey to be evacuated!! New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, "Why the Defense Department wanted to do a photo op right around the site of the World Trade Center defies the imagination. Had we known, I would have asked them not to." The White House did issue a formal apology for the incident.

Is Bin Laden dead??

It is believed that Osama Bin Laden has died. Pakistan's president said yesterday that his intelligence agencies have no proof....strange - maybe desperate for media attention? Click above to be more confused :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

What the heck is Swine Flu!!

103 deaths in Mexico and the United States has confirmed cases but no deaths. It's a contageous respiratory disease that affects pigs. This version is a mixture of human and swine flu. When it is spread from human to human it continues to mutate which makes it hard to treat because people have no natural immunity. Click above to learn more.

Our Wisconsin National Guard Troops will be tackling Prison Duty in Iraq.

Hopefully this deployment will go smoothly as we slowly bring many of our troops home!! Our area National Guard will have prison duty this time around. Read more by clicking above!

What a crash!!

Wow, did you see the debris fly at the race this weekend?? 7 fans in the stands were injured! It came from Carl Edward's car as it went airborne into the safety fence. Who won? Oh yea - Brad Keselowski did....he spun out Carl on the last lap = bummer. Click above to read more!

A tragic loss over the weekend - Bea Arthur passed away from cancer.

She was hysterical and really pushed the limit with controversial TV - getting an abortion, and how she handled Archie Bunker on All in the Family!! Bea was 86. Click above to learn more.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Stimulus will help out our schools!

It looks like we will get a piece of the pie locally!! La Crosse School District is in line to get around 3 million. Any help is a blessing right now. Learn more by clicking above!!

Now they have fingerprints and a gun!

Boy, the evidence keeps building on the "Craigs List" murder suspect! Fingerprints and a he has been pulled from the jails general population to a suicide watch area. Guards found shoe lace marks on his neck so have isolated him to a room without sheets or blankets and he must wear just a paper gown. Click above for more details on this story!

It's the biggest wildfire in SC in more than 30 year!!

They are saying the fires are about 40% contained, but many acres have burned and many homes lost. Over 31 square miles have been scortched. Get more details by clicking above!

Jay Leno checked himself into a hospital yesterday!

There are not many details as to why he checked himself into a hospital, but taping for the Tonight show has been cancelled for a couple days. They will run a couple reruns from March. We will keep you informed on Jay's condition as more information comes in.

Will enjoyed drinking his own...yes, urine to survive!

My family loves watching the show Man Vs. Wild, but some of the scenes with host, Bear Grylls can be kind of gross....eating weird animal body parts, etc. Will Ferrell joined Bear for 2 days in northern Sweden for an upcoming edition of his exploration show and they rappelled down a hundred-foot frozen waterfall and tandem abseiled off a helicopter. They also created their own snow shoes and yes, crank their own urine.....ew!! The show will air June 9th! Click above for more on what you'll see!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tornado Drills today!!

Today we will hear severe weather warnings!! The National Weather Service will stage tornado drills between 1 and 2pm as a part of the Minnesota & Wisconsin's severe weather awareness week. This week is used as a reminder for residence on what to do in severe weather, including thunderstorms, flash flooding and tornados. Severe weather season generally begins in late April and runs through August. Click above for more information from the National Weather Service!

Bye Lil & Anoop!

Well, what did you think about the elimination show last night?? Ok, first off, what was up with the old disco singers.....OMG - KC with or without his Sunshine Band was tough to take and the other to ladies....yeow. I hate show fillers sometimes. David Archuletta was cute and has matured since he was on the show, but I was not a big fan of his song.
Lil and Anoop are gone. That's OK! Matt should be next...we shall see!! Who is your pick to win??

HELLO! No, I am not answering my iphone, I am trying to wake up management at Apple Computers!!

Apple is pulling a game because of public OUTRAGE! Really...I cannot believe we even have to deal with the issue, but someone created this 99 cent iphone game and it obviously was approved by management and now they are pulling it. Well, "duh". The iTunes description included the line, "See how long you can endure his or her adorable cries before you just have to find a way to quiet the baby down!" Once the iPhone owner finishes shaking the device, the on-screen baby is depicted with large red X's over its eyes. Should we be OUTRAGED? To even think a game that promotes such abuse should be created amazes and outrages me. Click above to read more.

How about a 9 week vacation this summer??

Sounds good, but not when you are forced to take it, without pay...thousands of GM workers will find out today that they will be idle this summer. The auto maker will stop building all but it's most popular cars and trucks. There are too many vehicles on dealers lots and they want to make sure inventory is thinned out before the 2010 models come out this fall!!
Click above to learn more.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's EARTH DAY today!

Join in on many activities here in La Crosse and learn more about becoming green!!
Click above for all the details on the Earth Day Fair this Saturday!
Here is another helpful website for you to visit:

Disco Idol - really not all that bad last night!!

Who will go tonight?? 2 will be sent home!! My picks...well Chris was completely AMAZING!! Wow, very impressive mix. Adam of course was spot on and I still love Danny and his soulful voice!! The rest can move on, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Allison too!! Lil, Matt and Anoop should be in the bottom 3 and Lil and Matt should have a flight booked home - we shall see tonight on FOX!! Click above for another opinion!!! What is yours?

Matt Harter was sworn in yesterday!

La Crosse's 41st & youngest Mayor, 24 year old Matt Harter was sworn in yesterday. He called on the council to check their ego's at the door....
The 24-year-old took the oath of office Tuesday before an enthusiastic crowd of family and friends after he and now-former Mayor Mark Johnsrud shook hands and exchanged a few private words. Read more at the La Crosse Tribune's Website, click above!

Did LT want to go home??

"It's been a hell of a ride and I really enjoyed it, to a point, and I'll tell you this was great. It was a blessing, and I'm happy. I went as far as I could go. I learned a lot of different things and I couldn't be more happy." Lawrence Taylor really wants to get back on the golf course!! Click above for the complete story!

The Recession has sparked a GOLD RUSH!!

Lost your job?? Why not pan for GOLD!!?? There still is gold in the foothills in California's Sierra Nevada and people are panning for it!! Not since the Great Depression have so many hard-luck people been lured by prospecting, hoping to find their fortune tumbling down a mountain stream. The recession and high gold prices are helping to fuel the latest gold craze, especially among workers who have lost jobs. Interested?? Read more...,2933,517355,00.html

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HOT TAMALES Report on What's Hot in America?!

Well, here is what's hot and what's not: What's hot: Health/Looking Good; Connecting with friends; Family & Keeping or Finding a Job! What's not hot: Gas-guzzling cars; Lots of Makeup & Smoking! What HOT personalities are you most interested in hearing more about: The Pres; Will Smith & Angelina Jolie! Who are the Hottest Couples of 2009: President Obama and his Wife; Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie & Behonce & Jay-Z! What causes you to lose your temper: Paying Bills/Economy; Bad Drivers & School/Work Burdens! How do you spend your free time: Spending time with family; surfing the net & hanging out with friends!

Disco Night on American Idol tonight!!

Whoo hoo, it's Disco Night tonight!! What will Adam sing?? Danny should be fun to watch as well!! Simon is not a big fan of Disco, which makes it that much more fun to watch...7pm on Fox! I will be watching, will you?

Who didn't perform good enough last night?

The buzz I am hearing is that LT is on his way out.....what do you think? Tonight someone goes home!! As the weeks progress, it get tougher to choose!!

Man, this kid can sing!!

Move over Susan Boyle, we have a new Youtube Sensation and he just turned 12! Shaheen Jafargholi is his name and man, can this kid sing!! Watch the video yourself and you'll see what I mean! And those dimples!!! How can you not want the best for this young man??!!

The sole surviving pirate is in the States

He is the only surviving pirate, Abduhl Wali-i-Musi and now he is in New York getting ready for trial. He is just 19 and probably doesn't realize what could happen to him as a result of his crime. He will be the first to be tried for piracy in the United States in more than a century. Click here -,2933,517231,00.html

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hostages released!!

Click here for the complete story!! The gunman has surrendered!!

It's been 10 years...

The tragedy happened 10 years ago, but the pain is still strong. 12 students and a teacher were killed on that tragic day. I was unaware that the 2 students who were doing the killings had also planted propane tank bombs in the cafeteria. Read more...;topStories

Administrative Professionals Week!

Be sure you thank them!!

Today is the Boston Marathon!!

Many locals are participating - good luck!! Click here to follow the leaderboard!

Wow, this Clerk took care of business!!

Wow, this clerk was not going to let this crook rob him!! He has worked at the gas station for over 20 years and was not giving in. Watch this video!

14 Horses die right before a Polo Match!

This is an amazing story...14 horses collapse and die right before a Polo Match in Florida. They are still unsure of what happened. It began with 2, then 7 died on the property. Many more were transported to a Vet Clinic and died there. Read more...

Hostage Stand-off!

It is still happening...A gunman described as "mentally challenged" hijacked a Canadian charter plane on the tarmac near the resort city of Montego Bay, Jamaica, and was holding the flight crew hostage, officials said Monday. Click here to read more...,2933,517124,00.html

What a Wedding!!

Their wedding was Friday....the party was still going strong Saturday night!! Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker partied with 250 wedding guests even with all the stormy weather brewing!!,,20273538,00.html

Friday, April 17, 2009

Driving a NASCAR Late Model is AMAZING!

Check out the video on the home page!! What fun and what an honor to be given that opportunity. Go to my photo gallery to see some pics as well!! Thanks Emily Sue, Crew Chief Toby and Tim Jacobs from Dutch Mill Trucking for letting me have such an awesome opportunity!!

John Madden Retiring!

After 30 years in the announcing booth, 73 year old John Madden and hanging up the headphones! Will NFL football ever be the same? He wants to spend more time with his grandchildren, how cool is that!! Read more:

Kutcher and his Twitter Challenge!

Kutcher challenged CNN to the Twitter race, saying he would donate 10,000 mosquito bed nets to charity for World Malaria Day in late April if he beat CNN, and 1,000 if he lost. CNN agreed to do the same. Guess what, Kutcher won!! Way to go here to learn more:

Ty Murray injured on Dancing with the Stars!

Tough guy Ty Murray took a hit to the eye Wednesday but said it’s nothing he has hasn’t seen before. As the seven remaining couples in this season of Dancing with the Stars practiced a group routine, Murray, 39, threw his partner Chelsie Hightower, 19, in the air, but her microphone pack fell off and struck Murray in the eye. Yeow....he will be fine!!

Nice Purse!

Madonna has been asked to participate in yet another campaign for French fashion house Louis Vuitton! She will join the same photographer that took these pics for Vuitton's Spring Campaign!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Man, what can I say??!! I am very lucky to have the opportunity to drive a late model race car today at the La Crosse Fairground Speedway!! Thanks to Emily Sue and Dutch Mill Trucking - Toby, way to have the faith, man!! I have a new found respect for race car drivers!! Sure, buzzin' around the track was fun, but I cannot imagine 20 some cars fighting for the lead too!! Whoo hoo! I checked that off my Bucket List :) Video and pics will be up tomorrow morning!!

Rev it up - here I come!

This afternoon I will head to the La Crosse Fairground Speedway to get in the drivers seat of car #6, Emily Sue's late model!! The racing season begins a week from Saturday night (dang, I will be out of town at the "In-laws"), so my season will begin this afternoon!! We will have video footage online tomorrow morning, so be sure to check it out...can I drive a stick, with muscle - I mean lot's of muscle :) Yes, I will wear a helmet and seatbelt!! Thanks again to Emily Sue, her crew and Dutch Mill Trucking!

Have you heard her sing yet?

She has become a rage on Youtube, Facebook and more...if you haven't heard her sing, you have not been living this week!! It is all I see and hear about online. So here is a link for you to check it out. Yah, she can sing, but the best part is Simon's reaction...I love it when he shows that he's human!! Click here:

The BIG SAVE happened last night - American Idol!

Well, I did not expect it, but I guess it adds more drama to the show!! The judges saved Matt from going home, giving him another chance to show off his talent - which he has plenty of!! The bottom 3 were Anoop (again - poor guy!), Lil and Matt. Anoop was sent back to the couch right away and it was down to Lil and Matt - both of whom I think are the weakest links, so I was fine with either one going home - more Lil than Matt though. Now with the judges decision, 2 will be sent home next week.......... and's DISCO WEEK - did Simon sound happy about that? Not really, but I think it will be a hoot!! Miley kicked butt as did Jennifer Hudson! Wow - lots of talent!! Click here for more:

Did you attend a Tea Party last night??

Thousands of Anti-Tax 'Tea Party' Protestors turned out in many U.S. cities last night protesting high taxes and massive government spending. Chants like "Give me liberty, not debt" and "Our kids can't afford you" were heard across several U.S. cities Wednesday as anti-tax "tea party" protesters took to the streets to voice their opposition to big government spending. Click here for one side of the story!

They are finally home!!

The guys are home after quite a life changing experience! A charter flight landed from Kenya to happy and family friends in a private reunion. The Skipper was missing as he is still on board the US Navy Destroyer. Read more here:,2933,516355,00.html

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I will be behind the wheel of Emily Sue Steck's car tomorrow afternoon!!

I am sooooo excited for this opportunity!! Thanks Dutch Mill Trucking for giving me a chance to experience something so thrilling....I have to work on my left turns now, so avoid the Wal-Mart parking lot....I will be spinnin' donuts in my Olds Intrique!!! Look for video footage Friday morning from the La Crosse Fairground Speedway!

Adam is AMAZING-Did you catch Idol last night?

Holy smokes, what a show last night!! I really enjoyed most of the performances!! Adam totally blew me away as well as Allison and of course, Danny was strong. Anoop was pretty good too, but Matt and Lil' struggled in my mind, so tonight we shall see what the rest of America thinks! Who do you think will go??


Here is some help if you have not filed yet.

Who got the boot on Dancin' with the Stars last night??

Steve-O got the boot and was told "you can't confuse movement for dancing". Read more here:

Leave us alone!!! Another American Ship Attacked!!

The Liberty Sun was heading to Africa and was attacked by pirates. They fired rocket-propelled grenades at the ship and automatic weapons, but ended up dropping back and not boarding the ship. The ship is carrying U.S. food aid for African nations. There are about 20 American workers/volunteers on board. They are being escorted to the port by a coalition ship and are safe at this time. Read more:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whoo hoo - I am so excited!

I get to drive Emily Sue Steck's car #6 this Thursday at the La Crosse Fairground Speedway! The Dutch Mill Trucking Team is giving me the opportunity of a lifetime! We will post the video Friday morning along with some pics, so be sure to check back!!

Simon Cowell may leave Idol after this season?!

Hi contract will be up after this season and he is considering moving on. What would the show be like without him? Read more here: